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Patrick Delaney

Behind The Lens

Photography and Videography have always been consistent hobbies of mine ever since early adolescence. I particularly enjoy capturing the natural beauty that is provided to us through Mother Nature, whether it's the splendor of natural landscapes, the nuances of people, or the grace of animals.


Upon Graduating from College in New Hampshire with a concentration in Media Production, I began treating my craft in a more Professional manner. Committing to constant improvement, I dedicate myself daily to refining my craft, embracing each opportunity as a chance to learn and adapt.

On my free-time I enjoy spending time with my family, creating music, spending time in Nature, and learning new crafts. I am always open to suggestions and new techniques that allow me to become more proficient. 


Providing Photography and Videography services for Weddings, Events, Music, and Real Estate. Hope we can work together soon :)


-Patrick Delaney

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